Assistant d’anglais-What is it?

Details about how to apply for the program.

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Indo-French Wedding in France – administrative procedure

  Oh well, that’s one of the things that could happen too! You might meet a French national or a European national and fall in love. It is also possible that you eventually think of getting married to him/her. I am going to write this post in the form of FAQs because even after writing... Continue Reading →

Freebies in France

Hello ! I know you guys have been waiting for this post for long. I promised you that I am going to pull in all important details about getting freebies in france, and will get back to you with details. So this dates back to my jobless days in France, when all I used to... Continue Reading →

House Hunting in France

Hey everyone !! Congratulations! Most of you must have received your arrêté de nomination by now. I have already started getting emails requesting information about How to look for accommodation in France. So here I am doing a quick blogpost to help you deal with the accommodation stress and also to make you aware of... Continue Reading →

Inviting your parents to visit France

Before leaving, you would definitely want to give your parents an idea of what your French adventure looked like, so here it is, the details you need ! You must have heard of 'Attestation d'accueil' or invitation letter issued by the town hall of your area. It costs around 30 euros and requires quite a... Continue Reading →

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